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OUR VISION is to create an environment where triumphant cross-cultural followers of Christ live in the world radiating the glory of GOD in holiness, happiness (Joy) and healthiness. OUR VISION is that this growing body of believers would be noted by their lifestyles and quality of life as individuals, as families and as the church. This quality multiplication will provide a church of 21,000 in the main and multiply daughter churches.

Loveland Kids – Loveland Church

Loveland Kids. Loveland’s Children’s Church is exciting and different! We have caring, passionate and committed ministry leaders and teachers who bring the word of God alive each week to the children in a kid-friendly and engaging atmosphere. Bible lessons are taught to help them grow spiritually and personally, as they learn how to trust …

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The story of Loveland traces its origins to a congregation originally known as First Baptist Church of North Fontana. Founded on May 13, 1949.

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Welcome to the Official LoveConnect app, powered by Loveland Church! the app features life changing messages, Bible verses, and content designed to help you get closer to God and develop deep relationships with His people! Check out all kinds of interesting content and share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email. 1 John 4:4 says LOVE is of GOD, and if we truly know Him we must love too. that’s why we at LOVEland have launched LoveConnect. we love God and people and we want to connect with them the way GOD says, with LOVE! this app will help you connect to God with inspiring messages, Bible verses, and meaningful devotionals. it will help you connect with other people with chat groups, blogs, and home bible studies. LoveConnect is here to help YOU connect to God and other believers with Love! The LoveConnect App was created with the Subsplash App Platform.

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