Back From The Brink

By Hugh Hairston

Things had gotten really bad… REALLY BAD for our friend and fellow Loveland member, Jean Barefield. Her rheumatoid arthritis had degenerated to the point where the pain was unbearable. She was forced to put a rope on her bedpost just so she could pull herself up out of bed.

By human standards. it seemed her fate wouLd be to live a sedentary lifestyle until the Lord took her home. That was far different from the activities that had always filled her life with joy. You see, Jean was a cowgirl at heart. Her beloved horses and the thrill of competition were too important to just give up!

But Jean Barefield believes in the power of prayer. By continuing to do the right things, and having the faith to believe God for a miracle – she GOT her miracle! Today she is back doing rodeo competitions. She has recently placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in different events – a major achievement for someone half her age! In fact, she is so fast they have had to place her in a higher category in the competition. You see, when God fixes something, HE DOES A GOOD JOB! If you want to learn to ride a horse or do barrel racing, contact Pastor Hugh at 909.988.LOVE

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