From Biker Gang To Minister

From Biker Gang to Minister

Goingfrom Using and Abus ngto Givingand Teaching

Motorcycle clubs, like the Chosen Few,Magic Wheels,and Satan Saints were the forerunners of today’s Crips and Bloods. They would ride through communities on their Harleys, making noise and wrecking fear, havoc and intimidation. When you joined a biker club,you had to be ready to fight or even die for your colors. In San Bernardino,these clubs made life uncomfortable for the residents of those communities.

One such club in San Bernardino was the Raunchy Bunch. They rode their Harleys and sported their colors while living lives of debauchery.One of their members,who went by the name of Pumpkin, was true to that lifestyle. He led a life of alcohol,Mary Jane, pills, sherm and rock cocaine. Rock cocaine eventually led to Pumpkin’s downfall. He lost more than 80k in savings and almost his life, because of rock cocaine.

They say that drug will “blow the top of your head.”

Pumpkin had come to the end of his road. He called his girlfriend, Ruth, after being on a three day binge and confessed his dilemma. Usually, Ruth would have fussed with him, but this time she told Pumpkin to come on home; we can start allover again. That rebel rouser and former Raunchy Bunch member is our own,Pastor Clarence Fomby.Clarence Fomby,after that dreadful experience, gave his life to the Lord. He went through Loveland’s Cap D rehab program and cleaned up his life. Clarence and Ruth married and they have raised 14 children. Pastor Fomby also helped to raise four more kids when his sister Christine passed away. He is so glad to say that they are all leading productive lives.

Now after attending Loveland Church for more than 31years, Clarence’s career at Loveland Church reflects his appreciation of how God has blessed him. Heis an ordained minister, a Chat Group home Bible study leader for over 20 years and a Step Three teacher for more than fifteen years.Step Three is the last of the trilogy of education to be a ministry leader at Loveland Church.The name Fomby also describes a trilogy of ministries here at Loveland Church. Clarence has five siblings. Loveland Church has the pleasure of being home to three of the Fomby children. Each Fomby has avery effective and important ministry here at Loveland. We at Loveland Church are very glad that Pastor Fomby made a transformation. He has truly been a blessing and continues this by his teaching and pastoral ministry here at Loveland.

by Hugh Hairston

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