God answers Your prayers His Way!!

The life of Moses is an awesome study with many rich principles. Interestingly, Moses somehow knew he was going to deliver the children of Israel from slavery long before the burning bush. At age 40 he made his first attempt to do so, but he tried to achieve God’s purpose in his own strength. Moses thus, found himself running for his life.

For the next 40 years Moses was in the wilderness stripped of all prestige, possessions and power. This is where God wanted him to be!!! Moses was having his prayers answered God’s way.

So often we want God to do something for or through us. We often have preconceived ideas of how God will accomplish this. We are normally wrong! I remember praying for years, Lord I want to get to know the ladies of Loveland better. God is answering that prayer, but never would I have imagined the way He is doing this. “Pastor Charlyn, thank you for having me in your home. It is so hard to spend time one on one time on Sunday morning.” “Pastor Charlyn, It is such a blessing to spend a couple of hours getting to know you. I had no idea you were so much fun!” For the past year and a half I have heard this from women. I cannot express how happy I am! Some get to know friends over coffee. God has blessed me to get to know countless Loveland ladies over Mary Kay! I now spend many hours each week laughing & getting to know my Loveland sisters in my home or in theirs. Seriously, I would never have answered my prayer this way. But from my desire to raise funds for GWC came the answer to my prayers.

Ladies, it seems some of you are still waiting for me to ask you if I can come to your home to give you a free facial. I am so sorry. I am not overlooking you. I realize we come to church on Sunday morning to worship so it is not my goal to schedule visitation times on Sunday morning. However, as your First Lady, it is my desire to get to know every woman in this church on a more personal level!!

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