The Jesus Life It’s The Real Thing

Romans 2:1-16

Greetings in JESUS,

Bass Reeves was one of America’s first lawmen of African descent. His amazing detective work was learned when as an escaped slave, he lived amongst the Cherokee and Seminole native tribes. Of the 3,500 arrests he is attested to have made several came when famous criminals simply heard that Bass had the warrant for their arrest. They turned themselves in, rather than face the ferocity and gaze of this Deputy Marshall.

But when his own son drew a warrant he volunteered to track a man his equal in skills and cunning. After all, Bass himself had trained him. In a domestic dispute his son had mortally wounded his own wife. Successfully, Bass brought his own son in.

His son was trained in all the things that made Bass a great detective and scout. Bass tracked his son because he was determined that his son would not go down in history as a “hypocrite”. He did not want his boy to be one who knew to do right but didn’t!

That’s the point of ROMANS 2. The people of the Old Testament knew the law but lived as outlaws. They tended to understand the Bible but lived as fools. So when the book of Romans was written it was like a “Headline” in a newspaper. It was like a scandal sheet unveiled. “Corruption”… it accused – in the highest places! This was not a little Sunday School devotional or quiet time meditation. The letter exposes evil in the highest places of Religious society. And it was corrupt and evil in the high religious world. People doing wrong don’t like to be exposed…

“Fake or Real” became a question for religious people. Where is the real thing?

Later, the writer of HEBREWS wrote in Chapter 4, “…but the message they heard did not profit them, not being combined with faith” (Hebrews 4:2). The real test is to discover that “faith” which brings you face to face with God.

This truly amazing passage of scripture is here to make your life better, not bitter. It is here to drive us close to God…not away from people, not even the fake ones.

When Bass Reeves captured his son, he brought him in, not knowing what the outcome at trial would be. Had he brought his son in to see him hung or shot to death?

Once the trial ended he’d been found guilty of manslaughter. He served his time and became a prospering businessman. Facing the truth…facing the Judge… need not be a fearsome thing. Facing God ought not make you run… It’s always the best possible outcome!
Joyfully In Jesus,

Chuck Singleton, Sr. Pastor

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