Rebels Without A Cause

ROMANS 1:24-2:10

Greetings in JESUS,

Change thinks, challenges, Change evaluates, Change speaks up, Change works.

Whenever a society, a country, a business begins to change for the better, you can be sure that someone is looking hard at it….Probably from the inside, they are asking “hard questions “. Nothing changes for the better on its own.

Frederick Douglass wrote concerning slavery  Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.

As it was in slavery, so it is in business, politics, life. Change comes when there is a “Change Agent”- a rebel!!

Indeed, JESUS Himself was, ( and is ), a Revolutionary. Change is revolution.

But, you may have noticed that everything in Romans 1 & 2 is about revolution in one way or the other. The main point is that the world is in rebellion against God…. That may be the easiest, most obvious kind of rebellion. It’s so popular that it is most comfortable just to kind of “Fit In” with the rest of the ‘rebels’. The behaviors against godliness and right are mostly learned. We get them from friends, schoolmates, pop culture. We “change” through music, movies, books, the social medias, the Internet… It seems attractive to get drunk, high, be sexually promiscuous, dress outlandish or provocative. Yet, at the end of the day – Rebel – ‘you’re just fitting in’. You’re rebelling but you don’t have a cause…

There is another “REBEL” in the mix here. This one has a higher purpose. This Rebel has taken a deeper look. This Rebel sees God first. This Rebel rebels against the rebellion…

That’s where change can really come from. We rebel against the rebellion because we worship, war and work to glorify God…

Joyfully In Jesus,

Chuck Singleton, Sr. Pastor

“LUV’ WINS”….. Reaches for April 19th…..

Our total giving to our “LUV’ WINS” CAMPAIGN has reached $931,784.  In reviewing our position and accounting, our Executive Office figures we will need about $200,000 to be in the ideal financial position to complete a land purchase. We’ve set April 19th as a goal to have raised the needed funds. One of our leaders calculates that 500 Units (families, individuals) giving $27.50 per week would reach that goal by April 19th. Will you join in with us? Some can do much more than $27.50 per week- in that case you will cover 2, 3, or 10 Units. Thank you in advance for believing…that …”LUV’ WINS”. Witness, work, give…? Over the next few weeks…we’re going to find out. We continue a set of teachings on “The Inconvenient Truth”. Invite some friends, neighbors, co-workers to join us at any of our morning services.


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