Buried Treasure



Greetings in JESUS,

The absolute most exciting thing about Tithing, for me, is knowing that I’m pleasing God! That’s a real-time blessing. We saw last week that ‘Cheerful Giving’ is a step beyond Tithing and that ‘Revelation Giving ‘is God’s ultimate giving. I used to give as a simple act… whether tithing or beyond… Just figure out that blessed percentage and write the check!!! “Now”…as a ‘Revelation Giver” …when I pick up that check book I’m literally interacting with God…”on the spot.”

For most of my giving life I did not realize what I’m about to tell you …” I pray more often about my giving than I do about my preaching ?!?”…and believe me, I pray a lot about my preaching. So, how is it then, that I pray more about my giving? Well, I should and I will preach at a moment’s notice! I need not “get ready to preach…” I stay ready! Loveland hosted six Worship services last weekend. Last Sunday, if I’d needed a couple of hours to pray up for each sermon, it couldn’t have happened. After the four Sunday morning services, I took a nap and ate before heading west to LA for a Big Baptist Rally…where I preached ending at 10pm!

I didn’t have to check in with God before each sermon… I was walking with Him, the sermons flowed freely, easily ,powerfully, wonderfully… to His glory.

But, when it came time to Give… I asked God, once, then I checked again. En route to LA, I told Earl, “gotta’ go back… I forgot my check…” Prayed again!…lol… I didn’t even realize how much more stress went in to writing a check than into preaching before thousands of people…lol… “Ain’t that the truth”… It tends to be so much easier to do other things for God… but, we’re babies when it comes to GIVING!

This is why JESUS said “where a man’s treasure is there his heart will be…”(Mt.6:21)

Giving has to be a simple question of ‘obedience’.. Will ‘I’ do… what “GOD” says.. Of course, the reason why it’s “Revelation Giving” beyond Tithing and “Cheerful Giving” is because …”before I can obey His Voice, I must hear His Voice”. Therein lies the revelation. Listening to the voice of GOD.

We all possess a treasure… and JESUS tells us our hearts will follow it. You want to find your buried treasure? Just watch your heart… it’ll follow your treasure. That’s why we should be thinking eternity when we bury our treasure. Place it in GOD’s Kingdom.

Joyfully In Jesus,

Chuck Singleton, Sr. Pastor

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