J.H.C. Whitehead

Greetings in JESUS,

J.H.C. Whitehead was a math professor at Oxford University. He was so deep that he’d often confuse the students who studied him. In fact, they decided his initials stood for “Jesus He’s Confusing.” Only one mathematician was said to be more confusing. That was the elusive, reclusive Grigori Perelman, who after seemingly solving the so-called Poincare Conjecture (answering mathematically, what holds the solar system together), refused to respond to reporters and fellow professors. He even refused to collect the $1 million prize for solving the math.

As a college freshman I sat amazed when a brilliant, senior burst into the cafeteria rambling and raving about calculus and theorems having studied all night, his psychotic episode led to his hospitalization. It was years before he recovered.

Math…especially Professional Math, centers on “problems” and how to solve problems. Therein lies the danger…!?! What I mean by that is that while solving problems is the name of the game in math, problems ought not be the focus… Okay, lest I earn a nickname like Mr. Whitehead let me cut to the chase. If solving problems is the definition of math how could it not be the focus?? There is one reason why math problems get solved… It’s the same reason why marriage problems get solved and health problem get solved and…sin problems get solved.

You must discover and introduce “another factor”. The focus should, therefore, not be on the awful problem but on the factor.

This applies to man’s eternal problem with God. Our questions about His existence, His love, His care, His personality, His size, character, etc. are all answered when we introduce a new factor. When you read ROMANS 3, you see that factor is JESUS! Hey! …don’t lose your mind over the greatest truth of all… God has introduced the Factor which explains it all…

Joyfully In Jesus,

Chuck Singleton, Sr. Pastor

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