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J.H.C. Whitehead

Greetings in JESUS, J.H.C. Whitehead was a math professor at Oxford University. He was so deep that he’d often confuse the students who studied him.

Buried Treasure

“BURIED TREASURE” MATTHEW 6:21 Greetings in JESUS, The absolute most exciting thing about Tithing, for me, is knowing that I’m pleasing God! That’s a real-time blessing.

When I.S.I.S. Began Their Quest…

Greetings in JESUS, When I.S.I.S. began their quest to proclaim a “caliphate” most Americans and Westerners had no idea what they were talking about!?!? Even

When he was accused of murder…

Greetings in JESUS, When he was accused of murder, he did not deny his guilt! Instead, he sat fuming, angry, mad in his cell trying

The Jesus Life It’s The Real Thing

“THE ‘JESUS’ LIFE” “IT’S THE REAL THING” Romans 2:1-16 Greetings in JESUS, Bass Reeves was one of America’s first lawmen of African descent. His amazing

Rebels Without A Cause

“REBELS WITHOUT A CAUSE” ROMANS 1:24-2:10 Greetings in JESUS, Change thinks, challenges, Change evaluates, Change speaks up, Change works. Whenever a society, a country, a

Today we look at ROMANS 1&2. There we see the basis for all law…

Greetings in JESUS, He had sat in a dark, dank jail cell for four long days and nights with barely enough to eat. Did he

Is Your Dream Worth It!!

You made a decision to lose the holiday weight. You watched what you ate for 2 whole days and then weighed yourself. WHAT!!! You hadn’t

Get your ticket to Loveland’s Christmas Extravaganza Sunday, December 14 Doubletree Hotel

It was so exciting to see so many get tickets to our church Christmas Extravaganza last Sunday! I had no idea so many preferred going

Adopt a Soldier for Christmas

God’s Woman Conferences is once again teaming up with Mary Kay for our Adopt a Soldier program to support our troops for Christmas. This year

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